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Posted on Sep 21, 2012

Me To You Tatty Teddy Toys – New range from Blue Nose Friends

Me To You Tatty Teddy Toys – New range from Blue Nose Friends

Leaping out of the greeting cards and into your toy box.

You have been able buy soft Tatty toys for a little while now, but this year Carte Blanch have launched mini-figures, playsets and other larger toys.

Name confusion???

I have seen this toy range called three different things, so if you are looking online make sure you search for all of these:

  • Tatty Teddy Friends toys
  • Blue Nose Friends toys
  • Me To You toys

This is set to be a popular range this Christmas, and even earned a mention on the John Lewis Christmas list.

Here are my favourites from the range:

Interactive Story Time Tatty Teddy, £40
– you read the story and Teddy reacts to key phrases. This video from Carte Blanch shows him in action.

Make Me Better, £17 – Teddy shaped medical case with all the equipment you need to play doctors.

Baking Set, £30
– Tatty figure opens out to be used as baking utensils.

Heart Playhouse, £40 – opens out to be a dollhouse for your Blue Nose Friends figures, with secret storage compartment at the back.

Music Player, £35 – Soft 12 inch Tatty Teddy with MP3 player included. Plug player in and he plays the music through his feet. Cutest set of speakers you’ll ever see.

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