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Posted on Jun 28, 2013

The Best Things In Life Are Free – Or Very Very Cheap

The Best Things In Life Are Free – Or Very Very Cheap

Mr TT has taken Son#1 out to play golf, giving me and Son#2 a quality two hours of uninterrupted play.

So we hit the toy box and games cupboard pretty hard.

We had fun.

And here’s what I found.

The things Son#1 chose to play with, the things we had the most fun with, cost us virtually nothing.

First on the schedule was a bag of Action Man figures I bought from a friend when her son grew out of them. With brand new 5″ action figures costing upwards of £5, I thought £3 per 10″ Action Man was a total bargain, and she was more than happy to make £20 from a box of old toys her son no longer played with.

Horrible Histores Puzzle
Next up we attacked a Horrible Histories puzzle. It’s 300 pieces, and we’re about half way through, but fatigue set in, so we’ve abandoned this until tommorow. This puzzle set me back the princely sum of 50p from the local British Heart Foundation shop. Since discovering the awesome bargains that can be found in our High Street which boasts a whopping 5 charity shops, Son#1 has become quite the bargain hunter, and we often enjoy a lazy Saturday morning seeking out the finest second-hand goods his pocket money can buy.


And one final game before bed. Son#2 has a nightly ritual of playing schools with ‘the vegimates’.

If you don’t recognize them, they were part of a promotion run by the Co-operative Food Group. My Mum diligently collected stamps for weeks and weeks, and traded them in, along with £1 per toy, for these little characters. All the local kids went crazy for them. And they cost next to nothing.

So back to our game of schools. Son#2 lines them up, and employs a jumbo stuffed penguin as the Head Teacher. The Head Teacher takes the register, gives assembly, some Vegimals are naughty and need to be told off, and so on. Every night. Every single night. I really hope it’s no reflection of his actual school day because tonight Jumbo Stuffed Penguin Head Teacher ordered one of the vegimates to be arrested.

Anyway, I digress.

My point that I was trying to make is that we had lots of fun tonight. We had fun, and we connected, and we enjoyed each other’s company, and it was us that made it good, not expensive toys. He picked those toys to play with tonight, because of the little rituals we’ve built around them, because we have played with them before, together, and he knows that they will be fun again. Not because they were the latest must-have toy. Or because he’s seen them on TV.

He loves those toys because we enjoy them together.

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