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Posted on Jun 3, 2013

The scrunchie is dead – long live the PopBand

The scrunchie is dead – long live the PopBand


I was sent a packet of PopBands as a freebie for review purposes.

All opinions are my own, and my sister-in-law’s (SIL), and my niece’s (E) – we love them.

Not technically a toy I guess, but certainly good fun.

What are they?

Popbands are stretchy ribbon-like hair ties.

What do they do?
Look pretty on your wrist, much nicer than an elastic hair band, or [gasp of horror] a scrunchie.

Full marks for the pretty pink bubble-wrap envelope.

The cat was very disappointed that the postman hadn’t brought her a live mouse or a tasty spider.



Being the fabulously generous Auntie that I am, I donated all but one of the PopBands to my niece. But the one I kept has been on my wrist almost every day for the last two weeks (I do remove it for showering).

Firstly I’d like to say that the simple silver ribbon with sparkly bobble looks infinitely more attractive than the tatty green velvet scrunchie I sported for most of the 1990’s.

Secondly, it really is a kink-free hair band. I often tie my hair up when working (tapping away at a keyboard can be heavy work), and don’t like the indent made on freshly straightened hair by normal hair bands. I love that when I pull the Popband out there’s no sign that my hair has been tied up. My SIL reported that E’s lovely soft hair also remained kink-free.

And lastly, my Popband is pain-free. I do not appreciate that slight discomfort caused when putting my hair in a ponytail. You know that feeling when the hair is gripped just a little too tightly, and maybe not evenly all around your head. When I put my hair up with the Popband it still has that initial grab feeling, but it settles down very quickly, then is comfortable for the rest of the day. SIL also noted that it was easy to put up E’s hair and the band stayed in all day.

Want your own?
You can buy direct from – they will ship anywhere in the world. UK orders have free postage.

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