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Posted on Jul 11, 2011

Thor Lightning Hammer toy with lights, sounds and bolt launcher

Thor Lightning Hammer toy with lights, sounds and bolt launcher

Thor draws his super hero power from his mighty Lightning Hammer.

And so long as you are over five years old, you can have your very own Lightning Hammer with thunder and lightning bolts for less than $20.

With this new toy from Hasbro, you too can possess the power of Thor – well you can pretend to, once the kids have gone to bed and you get to play with their toys.

Hasbro have released an exciting range of products to accompany the Thor 2011 movie, but this role-play toy is the one Toy Tattle predicts will be a big hit.

The hammer is made from soft plastic, so although it is convincingly styled as a warrior’s weapon, it will do no harm.

The blue missile that fires from the head of the hammer represents a lightning bolt, and the sound effects summon the power of thunder.

Official commercial:

Thor’s Lightning Hammer toy is available to buy now in stores and online from Amazon, Target and KMart for around $20.

And if you needed any more convincing, here is a promotional image for the movie showing Thor with his trusty hammer.

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