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Posted on Jun 11, 2013

What Are The Top, Best, Hottest Toys For 2013

What Are The Top, Best, Hottest Toys For 2013

I’m asked these questions all the time:
* What are the top toys for 2013?
* What are the most popular must-have toys this year?
* What are the hottest toys right now?

Parents asking these questions have same goal in mind – they want to buy cool toys that their kids will be excited to own.

But the best, hottest, toppest, most awesomest toys for one child, might be a huge disappointment to another, so there’s no universal, fail-proof list of wonderful toys.

In fact there are so many lists out there already about the top toys for kids, that I am really reluctant to add my voice to the clamour.

OK, I buckled under the pressure and have created toy lists for girls and boys. These are a brief overview of the most popular brands, designed to inspire you to seek out the perfect toys for your child.

Instead, I’d like to tell you a little bit about how these lists come about and which ones you should give credibility to, and help you to use them to create the ultimate gift wish list for your child.

Top Toy Lists

Here’s a run down of some of the lists you might come across.

Blogger Lists
Most lists are recommendations written by other bloggers. There are literally dozens of these lists, like the Oppenheim Toy Portfoilio, Parent’s Choice Awards, Good Toy Guide and Toy Insider. Use your own judgement when assessing the credibility of these awards.

Retailer Lists
In the run up to Christmas all the major retailers will release their predictions of what will be the hottest toys that year. These lists are based somewhat on the quality of the toys, but are also influenced by how much media spend is being dedicated to the products, with highly advertised toys more likely to make it onto the list.

Official Toy Awards

There are four official industry lists that I like to pay attention to.

#1 Toy Of The Year Awards Nominations, from US Toy Industry Association:
These are announce each year in November, reflecting on the best toys available to buy in that year. Last year the TIA released a comprhensive holiday toy buying guide to go with their list of nominations. Due to the timing of this list, it heavily influences which toys sell well over the Christmas period.

#2 Toy Of The Year Awards, from US Toy Industry Association:
Based on the nominations announced the previous November, and voted for by the general public, these awards are announced at New York Toy Fair each year in February.

#3 UK Toy Retailer’s Association Dream Toys List
Released in October each year, this is a list of around 12 toys, predicted by toy retailer’s to be popular over the coming Christmas.

#4 British Toy And Hobby Association Toy Industry Awards
Announced in January at BHTA’s London Toy Fair, these awards recognize the best toys from the previous year.

Are these the best toys to buy now?

It really depends on what time of year you are shopping. Son#1’s birthday is in May. By then, all the toys on the awards lists are old news, but there aren’t any new lists to work from. Some of the toys on the old lists might now be availble at reduced prices. And look for new releases within award-winning brands. For example Monster High and Lalaloopsy are both award winning brands, so look for new dolls in those ranges.

So what are the best, top, hottest, most popular toys in 2013?
That depends on you, your child, their age, their developmental stage, personal preferences, talents and skills. Don’t rely on a list of ‘top ten toys’ that someone you don’t know has compiled based on resources of unknown reliability, and that may be out of date now ayway.

Take a look at the lists I’ve linked to, which are the most up-to-date lists, from the leading authorities in the toy industry, pay a visit to my guide to compiling the ultimate gift wish list and have a browse through the latest toy releases, and you will be well informed to spend your money wisely.

Need me to write your shopping list for you?

Due to popular demand, I have created Amazon Listmania lists to help you start your birthday / Christmas shopping:

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