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Posted on Nov 12, 2012

Top Toy Bow and Arrow Sets for Kids

Top Toy Bow and Arrow Sets for Kids

2012 has seen an huge increase in demand for toy bow and arrow sets, thanks to the appearance of archery-loving superhero, Hawkeye, in the Avengers Assemble movie.

Unfortunately there is a pretty limited selection of archery toys available, and a lot of what is out there is ineffective.

When choosing a toy bow and arrow set you should avoid arrows with suction cup fittings at the end. The intention is that they stick to a target, wall or window. In my experience they very rarely work, causing frustration and tears (and that’s just the adult). Also the flat, blunt end the suction cup at the end of the arrow causes lots of wind resistance which reduces the speed and range of the arrows.

Begin your search with these three brands:

Nerf – of course

Nerf Hawkeye version of Big Bad Bow, released Spring 2012, $32

Nerf released the Hawkeye Bow earlier this year. It is actually the same toy as the Nerf Big Bad Bow, but with a purple re-color. Either model should cost you around $32. The bow comes with 3 foam dart arrows, and has a range of up to 35 feet. Best described as a bow – crossbow – gun hybrid, rather than a replica bow and arrow.

Air Hunterz Z Curve

Air Hunterz Z Curve, $30

These darts were created with speed and range in mind. Although they are made from foam so as not to cause injury, the body and wings are shaped just like a real arrow. The slightly heavier, rounded arrow head helps keep the arrow on course, but is soft so it doesn’t hurt on impact. This works more like a traditional bow and arrow than the Nerf set.

Foam Strike Compound bow and arrow, from Monkey Business, $25

Monkey Business Foam Strike Compound

This bow has two pull back strings, creating twice as much tension, which gives twice as much power, and range, shooting up to 200 feet. It comes with three foam arrows, but more are available to buy separately.

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