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Posted on Aug 3, 2011

Toy Hunting Tips

When you are hunting for the perfect toy, be careful – it’s a jungle out there.

To help you maximize your chances of finding the toy you are searching for, here are our top tips:

1. When using search boxes keep your requests simple by searching with just two or three words rather than entering the entire product name. Lots of toys have long names and toy retailers may not use the full name when listing the product. So instead of looking for ‘Samurai Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Action Figures’, try using ‘Samurai Power Rangers’ and then sift through the results.

2. Many toys have unusual spellings for their names, so double check that the name you are using to seach for the product is spelt correctly.

3. Almost any toy can be bought online, even those that have sold out in stores. The downside is that if you buy from eBay or independent sellers on Amazon you can pay a hugely inflated price. When the Lalaloopsy Pirate Patch Treasurechest doll was first released, one sold on eBay for around $200, despite it having a MSRP of just $24.99! Before you get carried away with buying that ‘must have’ toy decide how much you are prepared to pay for it and stick to that budget.

4. You can use the beso search box below to help you find the best price for the toy you are hunting for:

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