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Posted on Apr 6, 2012

7 Top Toy Ideas For A 7 Year Old Girl

7 Top Toy Ideas For A 7 Year Old Girl

Is your daughter too grown up for toys but still wants to open plenty of presents? Welcome to tweenagehood (yes I did just make up that clumsy looking word).

This age signals the begninning of the tension between a daughter who wants to be grown up, and the parent who wants her to act her age.

But what would I know about it – I have been blessed with two boys, so I don’t know the stress of having a rapidly growing-up daughter.

Well, I know plenty actually, because although it may be many many moons ago – I was once a 7 year old girl.

I know that hidden behind that ‘I’m nearly a teenager’ facade, is a little girl looking for permission to play.

So here are my suggestions for presents that should illicit more of a smile than a sneer from your soon-to-be seven year old girl.

1. Something Crafty

Chuck out the play-dough, and pack away the crayons. It’s time for some fashion focussed crafting. Look for activities that inspire creativity, and help develop those all important fine motor skills. Top brands for girls in this arena are:

Bizu Beads

  • Bizu – a toy line of bead bracelets that you thread in a particular order so that when the bracelet is taken off and twisted it creates little animal characters.
  • Harumika – a fashion styling toy consisting of a small mannequin, onto which girls can wrap the special fabric and lock it onto place to create stylish new outfit designs. No sewing required.
  • Badge It – Lets you turn any image into a wearable badge.

2. To Old For Dollies?

Absolutely not, and there are so many brilliant doll ranges to choose from.

For a little sassiness and attitude, take a look at Moxie Girlz and Moxie Teenz. These are made by the same people as Bratz and share the same outrageously skinny physique and long flowing locks. But they sport more modest outfits, less make up and tout aspirational mottos rather than fashion advice, which you may feel makes them more suitable for a 7 year old.

Good old Barbie, she’s pushed past 50 and she’s still going strong.

Her relentless success and permanent position in the bestselling toys chart, is thanks to Mattels continuous development of her look and they playsets she accompanies.

New for 2012, and the most appealing Barbie sets available right now is the Barbie Suds and Hugs Playset (pictured) – where Barbie can treat some little pups to bathtime.

For a completely different type of doll, take a look at Lalaloopsy. These started life as 12-inch plastic dolls, styled to look like rag dolls, and each doll had her own back-story. The brand is hugely popular in America and there are now multiple spin-off toy lines, like mini dolls and playsets, furniture for the full-size dolls, and 10-inch high baby sister dolls called Lalaloopsy Littles.

3. Cute and Furry

For cute and furry animal toys, FurReal Friends is the brand to turn to. Right now there are two toy lines that I love.

The FurReal Friends Walkin’ toys are available as cats or dogs and they walk, whine and have responsive touch points to make them life-like.

The other range I have fallen in love with, is the hilarious Dizzy Dancers (pictured), furry animal character spinning tops.

Use the rip cord to get them twirling, then drop the Dancers into the pink plastic disco studio and watch them dart around.

These are a lot like Beyblade, but with more fur, and less violence.

4. Techno Toys

We all know that the best toys require a huge amount of batteries to operate, so here’s my pick of the best energy-hungry toys for girls available now.

Barbie Video Girl – Barbie doll with a video camera built-in. Not everyone’s cup of tea, and the screen is on the back of Barbie is quite teeny tiny, but I thought this toy was worth a mention because since it is now a year old, you can often pick it up for half price.

GirlTech Electronic Password Diary and VTech Kids Secret Safe Diary – Anything that gets kids interetsed in reading and writing is surely a good thing. In my day (yes I know I sound ancient) I had to make do with pen and paper, but I would’ve given my left arm to have had something like this.

VTech Kidizoom Kids Video Camera
– like the Barbie Video Girl, this can often be picked up at a low price. We have the regular VTech digital camera and despite numerous falls down the stairs and drops onto the hard kitchen floor, it is still going strong. If you do splash out and buy this, it might be a good idea to have a chat about what things are appropriate for filming and photographing. My youngest has a Leapster Video Camera and we discovered some rather unsavoury self-filmed footage – or maybe that’s just a boy thing.

5. Being All Grown Up

Toys that facilitate role play are still entertaining and educational, even for all-grown-up seven-year-olds.

In my house we are really fond of the Let’s Cook range. With the weather hotting up (soon, hopefully, please let it get warmer), the Frosted Drinks Maker should get a fair bit of use.

For girls who are ready to start experimenting with make up, take a look at the Barbie Fashionista Traveller Cosmetic Case. The set includes lip gloss, eye shadow, nail polish, hair accessories and make up brushes. Parents have left overwhelmingly positive feedback online for this, particulary as the case is such good quality it can be used even after the make up has run out.

6. Anything Teeny Tiny

Polly Pocket, Squinkies, Zoobles – basically anything small enough to be sucked up a vacuum cleaner and lost forever, will be loved by a 7 year old girl.


If you’re looking for quality over quantity, the old classic Sylvanian Families remains as popular as ever.

And if you look on eBay you’ll notice that even after years of play these toys retain their value, so instead of throwing them away when they’ve been outgrown, you may be able to sell them on.

7. Get Constructive

LEGO doesn’t need to be pink for girls to play with it, but it probably helps. The new LEGO Friends range, and Hello Kitty Mega Bloks sets should help tempt girls into developing their construction skills.

So there you go, 7 ideas for toys for a 7 year old girl, as promised. For more ideas and inspiration, take a look at the toy sales page and you might be able to pick out a bargain present or make your budget stretch to a few more toys.

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