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Posted on Mar 3, 2014

Toy Tattle Reviews Interplay UK’s Pirate Party Set

Toy Tattle Reviews Interplay UK’s Pirate Party Set

Pirate Play In Action

Who Sent What?

Interplay’s PR company sent me the Pirate Party set, rrp £24.99.

Toy Tattle Reviewers
Son#1 and Son #2, ages 8 and 6, and my 4 year old niece – yep we completely disregarded the recommended age range, but we knew she’d manage.

What’s In The Box?
– Six plastic treasure chests
– Bag of coins
– Materials to put together six pirate hats and eye patches
– Six paintbrushes
– Brown, black, white, and yellow paint pots, three of each.

“Yeah. We’re going to be pirates. Let’s catch Peter’s shadow!” – Niece (Neverland Pirates fan, aged 4 years)

How Did It Go?
All three children were very excited by the box contents. This surprised me as Son#2 HATES all craft activities, but he happily joined in. They were occupied for at least 20 minutes and found the painting easy to do independently.

The eye patches and hats construction was definitely a job for the adults, but the children stuck the skull and cross bones on.

There wasn’t too much mess – just remember to roll up sleeves. We put down plenty of newspaper, and any paint that crept onto the table and leather chairs (my Mum’s leather chairs!) wiped off easily.

– All of the materials were great quality.
– The treasure chests are plastic, but are thick and sturdy with a textured surface and raised guide lines.
– The paintbrushes were great and didn’t shed bristles.
– The coins were weighty, not cheap plastic.
– Ideas for pirate party games are included in the instruction sheet.

“It would be great if there were some games included……oh, there are.”- my brother / niece’s dad

Did Not Love
The little plastic pots of paint wouldn’t stand up. With the lid open they just kept tipping over, so are best propped at an angle on a plate or bit of newspaper.

This is the least realistic product mock-up I have ever seen:

This is what your finished treasure chests should look like.

This is what your finished treasure chests should look like.

Treasure Chests Reality

But children were very proud of their efforts, and happy with the results once the chests had dried.

I cheated massively by using this kit before a quiet Sunday dinner, rather than a full blown birthday party, but if you have two adults for the six children, you should be fine. Mostly I was needed to open pots, hold the pots / chests still, and fetch clean water for the brushes.

For £25 the kit offers good value as a trip to the craft store to by materials individually would come to more than that, and the activity provides a theme and 60 minutes (minimum) of entertainment to base your party around.

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