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Posted on Mar 17, 2014

Toy Tattle Test: Ravensburger Science X Maxi Prehistoric Expedition Review

Toy Tattle Test: Ravensburger Science X Maxi Prehistoric Expedition Review

dinosaur box
What’s Being Reviewed:
Ravensburger Science X Maxi Prehistoric Expedition, for ages 8 years and up, RRP £29.99

Sent To Me By
Ravensburger’s PR company sent me this to review. All opinions remain my own.

What’s In The Box
– A kit for growing triops
– Plaster model making equipment
– A excavation block and tool
– Cardboard dragonfly model
– T-Rex skeleton model
– A very comprehensive information booklet, including timeline poster

The Triops
We’ve tried and failed to grow these little fellas in the past, and to be honest we didn’t have any more luck this time, although that’s our fault as we deviated from the instructions frequently. We were supposed to use distilled water, but since I didn’t have any of that (does anybody happen to have distilled water at home), I did a quick Google and found mineral water could be used instead. Sadly though I think the critters failed to thrive due to the cold. The tank is supposed to be kept at a temperature of 22 degrees by shining a desk lamp on it for a few hours each day. Perhaps if we had waited for the warmer weather we would’ve kept the temperature up, but I was uncomfortable with the lamp getting hot while we were out or asleep, and our home is usually heated to just 19 degrees.

Excavation Block
Son#1 demolished this block in a few minutes, and thoroughly enjoyed doing it. I would definitely be interested in buying these separately, or learning how to make my own.

The Models
Due to lack of enthusiasm from Sons and a time pressure to get this review submitted, I’ll admit that I did this myself. There were hardly any instructions but I figured it out easily enough.

Plaster Models
Son#2 (aged 7 years) managed to mix this up himself and pour it into the molds. They set well overnight, and all but one were removed successfully.

Overall Verdict
+ There’s lots to do in this box, and it can be used as an ongoing project for a weekend or two.
+ The book contains lots of information for dino fans
+ I felt that even though Son#1 is almost 9, he was only just coming to the right age for this. A lot of patience is needed for the activities, and the booklet, as it is very information-heavy, and better suited to older children. Don’t go just by the age – consider the reading ability and temperament of your child too.
– I like kits where everything is in the kit. My heart sank when I read the extra bits we needed to complete the triops tank as we didn’t have them and had no way to get them in any reasonable length of time. Pre-warn children that you need to read the instruction booklet before you can commit to an activity as there may be some preparation for you to do first.

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