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Posted on Mar 17, 2014

Toy Tattle Tests Interplay’s Snail World

Toy Tattle Tests Interplay’s Snail World

In celebration of National Science And Engineering Week, I’m going on a snail hunt.

Snail World Box
What’s Being Reviewed
Nick Baker’s Snail World, for ages 5 and up, RRP £9.99.

Sent By
Interplay’s PR company sent the kit for me to review. All opinions remain my own…except for the opinions that are my sons’.

Essentially this is a plastic tub, with permission from Nick Baker to raid your garden, take some snails hostage and keep them as your well fed prisoners.

The Sons have often rounded up hoards of snails and kept them in buckets before releasing them into the wild (flower beds) at the end of the day, so they were very excited about the prospect of this tub which facilitates an overnight mollusk camp out.

We foolishly waited for Dad to come home and help with this…..and by then it was dark. We headed directly to the up turned washing up bowl carefully placed in the garden last Summer for the purpose of attracting snails. We found it turned the right way up, with a small pond inside and a frog in residence. After shifting some flower pots around we found a group of snails and selected a few to keep as pets.

Here they are, hanging upside down in the tub.


The guide includes information on the different types of snail, so we’ve already learnt a few things about our new house guests.

They’ve been given a generous slice of apple to tide them over tonight, and tomorrow we’ll be adding ground egg shells for their calcium needs.

We loved the back garden nature hunt this set inspired and I would definitely be interested in buying the other kits. I think these may be the best pets possible for children, as when they get bored of them, we can just release them back into the garden.

snails aerial

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