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Posted on Dec 19, 2013

Toy Tattle Tests Woolly And Tig App

Toy Tattle Tests Woolly And Tig App

Son#2 may be 6 years old, but he is still a big CBeebies fan, so when Evolution PR invited us to review the new Woolly & Tig App we were delighted to help out.

Woolly App Toothpaste

The app is £2.99 and available from iTunes for the iPad and iPhone. We already have the CBeebies app, which was free, but alas did not have a Woolly & Tig game.

The app features six games:
* Get Dressed – choose which coloured socks to put on Woolly’s feet.
* Brush My Teeth – squeeze toothpaste onto the brush, then clean Woolly’s teeth, and finally check they are squeaky clean by running your finger over them.
* Wash My Face – Woolly is exceptionally muddy. Soap up the sponge then cover him in bubbles. Pop the bubbles to reveal Woolly’s clean face underneath.
* Fun In The Sun – Squeeze suncream onto Woolly’s face, rub it in, slap on a hat, and slip on some sunglasses.
* Fun In The Rain – Pop up an umbrella and indulge in some puddle stomping.
* Fun In The Snow – Help Woolly build a snowman.

Woolly & Tig App Review

Worth The Money?

My 8 year old played all the games twice! Adults may find it hard to understand the appeal of a game that shows no level progression or scores, and essentially is just six tasks available to repeat over and over. But children love repetition, so I can see this being very popular with children aged 3, 4 and 5 years.
Woolly and Tig Review 2

Will It Drive Me Nuts?

At the start of the game you are advised to turn the sound up, which always fills me with dread as I can’t abide shouty instructions or annoying music. You only really need the sound the first time as Woolly explains what you need to do, most children will probably manage with the sound turned down after that. For the most part the sound wasn’t annoying anyway, except on the ‘Snow’ game as Woolly wouldn’t stop telling us what to do, even while we were already doing it.


Smooth, colourful, intuitive app that offers 10 minutes of distraction to pre-school aged children, that they’ll go back to again and again. Certainly a must for woolly & Tig fans as Woolly is very cute and responsive.

N.B. The cost of the app purchase was refunded by Evolution PR. This has not influenced this review. All opinions are my own.

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