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Posted on Nov 14, 2012

Toy Tattle’s Nerf war and our endless pursuit of the best Nerf gun

Toy Tattle’s Nerf war and our endless pursuit of the best Nerf gun

Son#2 (aged 5) getting to grips with the N-Strike Deploy

Last week The Entertainer sent me a Nerf N-Strike CS-6 Deploy to review.

When it arrived and I realized it was a huge beast, too big for indoor shoot-outs.

So this weekend we packed up all of our Nerf guns and held a Nerf war in a local nature reserve, with my boys aged 5 and 7, a friend aged 9, and my husband, aged 30 something, who had more fun than the kids.

Here’s how the guns performed:

N-Strike Maverick

RRP £10

Ages 6 years and up.

Easiest to reload – just hold down a button and the rotating barrel moves out a little, giving enough space to fill it with 6 darts.

It’s not part of the Clip System line, but we used Clip System darts with this gun and they worked fine.

Easiest to run around with.

We had two of these in the game, and one had a faulty barrel that just doesn’t line up when you are ready to shoot. We got around it but holding the barrel in place.

N-Strike Alpha Trooper CS-18

RRP £20

Ages 6 years and up.

The coolest looking gun from our collection, and we made it look even better by adding the shoulder stock from the Recon gun (so impressed my 7 year old is into ‘moding’ his Nerf weapons already).

This works every time as long as you slide the pump all the way forward before you fire.

It’s also compatible with the orange dart clips that came with the Deploy and Recon so when the ammo chamber is empty you can switch it for a dart clip and carry on firing.

N-Strike Deploy CS-6

RRP £22

Ages 6 years and up.

This isn’t meant to be used like the other guns. You see the handle on the top? This gun should be held down at around waist height and tilted slightly upwards to get the best range.

The boys loved how you could start off holding this like a neat compact box, and then when you press the orange button on the side, the unit on the top (with the grey side panel, built-in target light, and the dart clip) swings out to the side. When I asked one of the boys why it did this, as I couldn’t see a functional reason, his reply said it all really – ‘because it looks cool’.

But this was the hardest gun to reload as the clip was difficult to remove – no idea why as we managed fine with the Alpha Trooper and Recon.

N-Stike Recon CS-6

RRP £25

Ages 6 years and up.

This gun is designed to be taken apart and put back together again, so you can make it look a number of different ways. In our Nerf war we took just about everything we could off of it, added those bits to the other guns, and then used this as a light-weight weapon to run around with.

In a separate mission, we tested out the Nerf Vortex Proton.

RRP £10

Ages 6 years and up.

This is a small hand gun, that fires discs instead of bullets. We love that the discs travel so far, and look really cool as they spin through the air. And having owned this gun for a year, I can honestly say it never jams. I am looking forward to getting bigger Vortex guns for Christmas, like the new Pyragon.

And we cleared up before we went home…..
No we didn’t leave the nature reserve littered with orange foam. We took 36 Clip System darts to use in our Nerf war, and we didn’t leave until all 36 were collected back in (I bribed the kids with a hot chocolate to warm up with just as soon as they had picked up all the darts).

Please Note: The Nerf N-Strike Deploy, and 36 Clip System Darts were supplied by The Entertainer. All views are my own.

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