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Posted on Oct 27, 2012

Toys for Boys Aged 5, 6 and 7

Toys for Boys Aged 5, 6 and 7

Be inspired with this list of toy ideas for the little boy in your life.

What’s on TV
Jotting down a list of his favourite TV and film characters is a good place to start with your shopping list-building, as almost all of the popular shows have their own toy range. Here’s a list of the current lines:

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – released September 2012
  • Power Rangers Super Samurai
  • Ben 10
  • Transformers – Dark of the Moon toys accompany the 2011 film, and the new Prime toys go with the cartoon series.
  • Batman – There are toys for the Dark Knight Rises film, the Brave and the Bold cartoon series, LEGO Super Heroes sets, and Imaginext Batman toys for younger kids.
  • Spiderman – There is a large toy line to go with the Amazing Spider-man film, released this Summer. Mega Bloks have a Spiderman line of consruction sets.
  • Disney Pixar Cars – You can still buy toys from the Cars 2 film, and Disney show regular shorts called Cars Toons which keep kids interested in the brand.
  • Toy Story – ‘Andy’s Collection’ was launched this year, featuring 12 inch versions of all of Andy’s favourite toys. They cost £45 each, but they really are beautiful, and look like the type of toy kids will drag around with them for years.

Craft, Construction and Creativity
LEGO reigns supreme as the king of construction. For this age range, take a look at LEGO City, LEGO ninjago, LEGO Dino, and LEGO Star Wars.

Dr Dreadful is a range of food-kits to make disgusting treats like zombie brains (hmmm delicious). As with all of these types of toy, consider what you will need to buy, and how often, to refill the set.

Brmmmmm brmmmmm
There are two new lines of tiny cars released for Christmas 2012: Micro Chargers and Nano Speeders. Micro Chargers are small cars that get powered up by a charger that spins their wheels really fast, then when you let them go they zoom around the track. Nano Speeders work in a similar way but have more complex tracks.

Tech Toys
Take a look at the new tablet-style handheld gamers, the Innotab 2 and LeapPad2 – these are going to be really popular this year.

Moshi Monster is still the most popular online community for kids, but Bin Weevils is rapidly catching up. You can get Moshi and Bin Weevils themed toys.

Other guides you might find helpful

For ideas on where to get inspiration, toy bargains, and stocking fillers, visit my complete Christmas shopping guide.

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