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Posted on Oct 26, 2012

Toys for Boys Aged 8, 9, and 10

Toys for Boys Aged 8, 9, and 10

I’ve tried to make this post more interesting than just a giant list of toys, but I’ve failed, so here’s a giant list of ideas for toys and presents for boys aged 8, 9 and 10 years – it should be enough to at least get you started with your search for the perfect presents.

LEGO Monster Fighters Ghost Train

Construction toys:

  • LEGO – always a favourite. Look out for Pirates of the Carribean, Super Heroes (comic strip characters), Monster Fighters (new ghosts and ghouls range new for 2012), Lord of the Rings (aka LOTR), and Star Wars.
  • KREO – looks a lot like LEGO, and is compatible with LEGO bricks, but is made by Hasbro. You buy Transformers and Battleships sets.
  • Mega Bloks – not just chunky building blocks for babies. Mega Bloks also make LEGO sized construction bricks. Look out for Need for Speed, Halo and World of Warcraft ranges.
  • Mecanno – look out for the Multi Model kits which uses the same pieces to make multiple different designs.
  • KNex – the plastic sticks construction brand have released two new lines this year: Mario Kart and Angry Birds. I especially love the Angry Birds catapaults, which you could use in conjunction with some obstacles made out of recycled boxes and bottles to create your own real-life Angry Birds game.

As the slogan goes ‘it’s Nerf or nothin’‘.
There are some huge new guns in the N-Strike Elite range. There’s one new gun, the Pyragon, in the Vortex range, but you should look up last year’s blasters as they often have around 1/3 off their original price.

We’ve got an ever-growing collection, and recently put them to the test in a Nerf war.

Remote Control:
There are some awesome new remote control toys out this year. The Air Hogs Battle Tracker set consists of an rc helicopter you can fly indoors, and a ground-to-air robotic missile launcher (toy version, not the real deal) that tries to bring it down.

The Air Hogs Hover Assault is a hybrid helicopter car that can zoom along the ground then fly over obstables.

Attacknids are totally new spider-like creatures designed to battle with each other.

You can see all three on this guide to new rc toys for 2012.

For a cheaper rc toy, take a look at the Syma indoor gyroscopic helicopters, which originally cost around £80, but you can now usually pick up on Amazon for around £15.

Action Figures
Older boys might be interested in the action figures, playsets and vehicles based on this years top action films: Avengers Assemble; The Amazing Spider-man; and Batman the Dark Knight Rises. The Hobbit will be in cinemas before Christmas, and the toys are in the shops now.

The old classic, Subbuteo was re-released this year, with a more sturdy pitch and player construction, and modern Premiership teams.

Bop IT has a new model for 2012, Bop IT Smash IT, where the aim of the game is to hit the button when the light is in the centre of the tube. This is irritatingly addictive.

This is a great age to look at magic sets, science kits, and especially electrical snap circuit kits, like Hot Wires.

And don’t forget the battle game based toys, Monsuno, Beyblade, Redakai and Bakugan.

Skylanders Giants will be the biggest selling video game property this Christmas.

If you are looking for new kit, rather than just games, take a look at this guide to tablet computers – they’re not as expensive as you’d think.

For ideas on where to get inspiration, toy bargains, and stocking fillers, visit my complete Christmas shopping guide.

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