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Posted on Nov 8, 2011

Toys for Teenagers | How to make your moody teen smile

Toys for Teenagers | How to make your moody teen smile

Being a teenager doesn’t mean your kid no longer wants to play with toys – its just that they start pretending they are far too grown up for it all.

Christmas and birthday wish lists submitted to parents of teenagers are all too predictable – money, gift certificate, iPod, video games.

Sure you should buy them what they want, but put some of the magic back into their birthday by splashing out on an unexpected toy.

Including a toy among their gifts is the equivalent of giving your teen permission to relax and have fun.

And they’ll enjoy it even more if you join in too.

Remote Control Action

No need to get off the couch, just stay slumped on your butt, and direct the fun with these remote control toys.

Lazer Stunt Chasers – it’s all in the name.

These are super-fast RC cars that you direct using a lazer light that they chase.

There are two frequency settings so you and a friend / family member can play alongside each other without interference.

The wheels light up to give added wow facor, and a ramp is included for pulling stunts.

And the cars are double-sided so even if they flip over they just carry on racing about.

These cost around $50 each.

Air Swimmers
are an altogether slower, more peaceful toy.

Giant helium balloons with infra-red remote control – these beasts glide around your home just like they are really swimming in the air (hence the name).

They are made from a durable nylon, so when they deflate (after a couple of weeks) you can simply refill them and keep up the fun.

Cost around $40 each.

Get UP – Get Grooving

If you’d rather get up and get active, then take a look at these dance-inspiring toys.

The I Am T-Pain Mic takes the popular iPhone App, that turns any voice into T-Pains voice, and makes it into a real mic.

Record your voice with instant playback or apply the T-Pain Effect as you sing.

You can also add back beats.

Expect to pay around $25 for this.

And while you are up and dancing, you might appreciate this little guy.

This is My Keepon.

He can dance, and is sound and touch sensitive.

With Beat Recognition technology he can bop along in time to the music you are listening too, or switch to touch-mode and he can respond with movement, and by expressing different emotions.

He costs around $50, but he can be tricky to track down.

I’ve got one and he keeps me company while I am wokring. He sits on my desk dancing around while I tap away on my keyboard listening to my favorite music.

1, 2, 3, 4 I delcare a Nerf War

is the latest series of weapons from Nerf.

Instead of the familiar orange darts, these beasts launch fast, spinning, bright green discs.

Too much fun for even the sulkiest teen to resist joining in.

For the best family participation, buy a few of the smaller Vigilion guns ($18) and plenty of spare ammo.

Go Cute and Girly

Lalaloopsy dolls are meant to be a rag-doll substitute for younger girls, but its pretty clear from the Lala-dedicated blogs that litter the Web, that plenty of older girls and fully-grown women are colleting these too.

But check before you buy – if this isn’t something your daughter is into, she may be offended by receiving a child’s dolly.

Need more inspiration

I’ve put together two Listmania lists at Amazon packed with ideas for your teens. The lists includes, toys, gadgets, treats and more.

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