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Posted on Jul 11, 2011

Transformers 3 Ultimate Optimus Prime Cyber Blaster Toy Nerf Gun

Transformers 3 Ultimate Optimus Prime Cyber Blaster Toy Nerf Gun

While researching the new Transformers 3 toy range, I stumbled across this amazing looking Nerf-style Transformers blaster. It is the Ultimate Optimus Prime Cyber Blaster.

The Transformers 3 Ultimate Optimus Prime Cyber Blaster Toy Gun features electronic lights and sounds. When you pull the trigger the orange panel on the side lights up, and an Optimus Prime voice speaks.

It looks stunning, and after having a quick play with one in a toy store, I can confirm that it is indeed awesome. I couldn’t fire the darts as I am pretty sure the Security Guard would’ve quickly escorted me from the premises but I did make it flash and yell ‘I am Optimus Prime’, which was enough to get a few sideways glances from the other shoppers, and make my kids whine ‘please can we have that now’.

The 10 darts for the gun look very Nerf-esque, which wouldn’t be surprising as the toy is made by Hasbro, owners of the Nerf brand. The barrel is auto rotating, so you can enjoy rapid-fire action.

Optimus Cyber Blaster Demo Video

Buy the Transformers Cyber Blaster Online

The Robo Power Optimus Prime Cyber Blaster costs $29.99, and is available online at:

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