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Posted on Mar 27, 2012

Looking for Transformers LEGO? Want to know what those bricks are really called?

Looking for Transformers LEGO? Want to know what those bricks are really called?

I know how the story goes because it’s happened to me on far too many occasions.

In a post-school, dinner-cooking frenzy you have parked the children in front of some cartoons. Half way through thickening the gravy, your son starts yelling at you ‘come here quick Mum, quick, I want this toy for my birthday, quick, quickly‘. Like a startled gazelle you leap into action, narrowly avoid knocking over the saucepan, hurdle over the cat, and sprint the last few yards to the TV, just in time to hear, ‘ohhhh you missed it’.

So you didn’t get to see what the toy was your child is now desperate to have for their next birthday, but that’s OK because at least your boy can tell you what it is, and now we’ve got this fabulous internet-Google malarkey you can just go and look it up.

‘It was a Transformers LEGO Bumblebee’, says son, and so later on while the kids are tucked up in bed you diligently begin your online search for ‘Transformers LEGO’.

But guess what – you won’t find any. Because although it looks like LEGO, fits together like LEGO, and even leaves the same dimpled bruise on barefeet like LEGO – it is NOT LEGO.

Nope – this LEGO-like Bumblebee Transformer is actually made from a different construction brick called Kre-O.

The Kre-O Transformers Construction kits are compatible with LEGO but are made by Hasbro, owners of the Transformers brand.

Each model can be made as a robot and a vehicle, but they don’t transform between the two – you need to deconstruct then reconstruct in the new form.

The models are available in a range of sizes, with a basic 100 piece figure costing around £8-£10, the 300+ piece Bumblebee priced at £30, right up to an enormous 500+ piece Optimus Prime with trailer costing £70.

My favourite feature about this range are the seriously cute Kreons (pictured) that come with each set.

They look a lot like Transformers LEGO mini figures, but have more detailed and rounder styling to them.

So now you know what you are looking for, you can continue scouring the internet, or jump straight to the full range with current prices here.

I haven’t got my hands on a set yet, but when I do I’ll be testing the ‘compatible with LEGO’ claim to its limit and writing about it here.

If you’ve tried out Kre-O, let me know what you think by leaving a message on my Facebook page or Tweeting me.

Sorry comments aren’t open due to a bad case of spam invasion earlier this year.

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