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Posted on Oct 20, 2011

Transformers Toys | Guide for parents

Transformers Toys | Guide for parents

New Transformers Toys For 2011

The new Hasbro Transformers toy line is one of the most extensive I have seen this year. Here’s a run down of the types of toys you can find in the range.

The latest release is called Dark of the Moon, sharing the name with the new movie. You will sometimes see it abbreviated to Transformers 3 DOTM.

Transformers Action Figures and Playsets

For boys who like to collect a lot of the characters, take a look at the Cyberverse range.

Prices begin at an affordable $4.99.

The range includes single figures of Autobots and Decipticons, small playsets featuring a figure and a weapon, and the stunning Autobot Ark playset ($29.99).

The recommended age for these toys is 4 years and up.

Here at Toy Tattle Towers my 6 year old has the Bumblebee Cyberverse figure and copes well with it, but my 4 year old finds it frustrating.

The figures are quite small and while they can be gently transformed from robot to vehicle and back again by patient little hands, you may want to look at the more robust figures for young children.

Transformers LEGO

You’ve probably already seen the commercials for Transformers toys made from LEGO.

Actually these construction bricks are called KRE-O and are made by Hasbro, the toy company behind all the other Transformers toys.

LEGO no longer has exclusivity over the little bobbled brick so you can expect to see a few alternatives popping up in toy stores.

The Transformers KRE-O range starts at $7.99 for a small kit suitable for ages 6 years and up, with the larger kits costing upwards of $40.

It is worth noting that while you can use the kits to construct the Transformer as either a robot or a vehicle, you cannot switch between the two during play – you must deconstruct then reconstruct in the new form.

Transforming Figures With Interchangeable Weapons

The range that will get most boys (and men) excited is the MechTech Weapons System. The MechTech toys transform between robot and vehicle, and each comes with at least one detachable weapon. These weapons can be used interchangeably with the other MechTech figures.

Within the MechTech range there are 5 categories of figure:

  • Deluxe Class – $11.99
  • Voyager Class – $19.99
  • Human Alliance – $29.99, includes a human figure and Transformer
  • Leader Class – $44.99
  • ULTIMATE – $79.99 – available as Optimus Prime only

The MechTech Ulitmate Optimus Prime (pictured) is the largest toy in the 2011 Transformers line up, and has been tipped by many to be a hot toy for Christmas.

All MechTech toys are labelled as suitable for 5 years up, but as the price rises so does the complexity.

Whilst the Deluxe and Voyager class figures have received great online customer reviews, there has been criticism that the larger toys are just too complicated to transform.

Large Transformers Play Figures

If your child would prefer a chunky Transformers robot figure to do battle with, take a look at the Revving Robots.

Available as Optimus Prime or Bumblebee (pictured), these figures feature lights, sounds, phrases and a have a weapon each.

Please note that they do not transform, but for a lot of parents with younger children this can be a huge plus point.

We have the Revenge of the Fallen Optimus Prime equivalent of this figure and I was so impressed with its durability and entertainment value that I ordered both the Dark of the Moon Revving Robots, one each, for this Christmas – and I haven’t been disappointed.

Transformers Toys For Younger Kids

The little kids are well catered for with the toys currently available.

  • Playskool Heroes – Ages 3 years and up. Includes basic figures, and playsets.
  • Robo Power Go-Bots – Ages 3 years and up. These don’t really transform (you can pull the arms out to make them look a little more robot like). Pull the vehicle back, release and watch it go. We have the Optimus Prime truck and it’s great – chunky, durable, and just the right-size for my 4 year old to hold.
  • Robo Power Robo Activators – Ages 4 years and up. Transform back and forth between robot and vehicle with just the click of a button.
  • Robo Power Robo Fighters – Ages 4 years and up. Chunky action figures with weapons – do not transform.
  • Robo Power Bash Bots – Ages 4 years and up. Twin packs of convertible figures designed for fighting.

Role Play – Transformers Dress Up Costumes and Toy Weapons

As part of the Robo Power series you can but Optimus Prime and Bumblebee costumes and helmets.

There are also two weapons available: The Energon Sword with extendable blade, and the Optimus Prime Cyber Blaster which fires Nerf-style darts.

Buy Transformers Toys Online

Here’s one last reminder before you go searching for that perfect gift:

  • Cyberverse – smaller action figures and the Autobot Ark playset
  • MechTech – transforming figures with interchangeable weapons
  • Kre-O – Lego styles construction kits
  • Robo Power and Playskool Heroes – for little kids

Shopping online is a great way to buy your Transformers toys because it gives you the opportunity to read other parents’ feedback on the products they have purchased.

You can buy all the toys mentioned above now from:

Cheap Transformers Toys

To get your hands on the current Dark of the Moon toys at bargain prices, begin shopping early. Stores have reduced some prices to boost their pre-Black Friday sales. You could also save money by looking at the 2010 Revenge of Fallen range as some retailers are still clearing out this old stock. Take a look at eBay where independent retailers may be selling off clearance items from the earlier movies.

Transformers 3 Movie on DVD

Dark of the Moon was released on DVD and Blu Ray on 30th September, and is available to buy now from Amazon.

Useful Links:

DOSM Transformers 3 Dark Side of the Moon Toys

Looking for ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ Transformers toys. Well the newest Transformers movie was not named after Pink Floyds’s 8th studio album, but the title isn’t so different. Transformers 3 is actually called Dark of the Moon, and if you scroll up the page, or click on the Toys R Us banner above you can learn all about the Hasbro toys line.

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