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Posted on Feb 23, 2014

Trash Pack Trash Wheels Junkyard

Trash Pack Trash Wheels Junkyard

Trash Pack Playset

Freebie For Review:
Trash Pack Trash Wheels Junkyard Playset, £24.99 and Two Trash Wheels, £3.99

Sent To My By:
Flair’s PR agency

What’s In The Box:
The playset comes almost fully assembled. Anything that is bright green we had to snap into place ourselves. The set came with two cars, and we were given an additional two sets.

I purposefully left Son#1 (aged 8 years) in charge, and he opened the box, removed it from the packaging without any problems. He snapped one piece of track into place, but needed help with the others. Once they’re in there’s no need to take them out again, so there’s no hassle setting it up every time they play.

Trash Pack Junkyard

What’s The Game:
We pushed a car into the holding area, dropped the crane, grabbed the car, then dumped it in the crusher. When lever is pulled the car disappears and the crusher dispenses a yellow block so it looks like the car has been destroyed. Then when you push the yellow button, the car is released and zooms around the track.

Son#1 (8 years) and Son#2 (6 years) both thought this toy was hilarious. We’ve had it open for almost two weeks and it’s been played with more than half a dozen times. They asked to take it away with them at half-term, and it was the chosen toy to take to the grandparents at the weekend. Besides the first time we played with it, every other time has been instigated by them. They add voice overs to the cars along the lines of:

“dum de dum, I’m just driving up this ramp…oh no something’s grabbed me…ahhhhh… no no don’t crush me…..ahhhhhhh…….he he he I’ve escaped!’.

It’s Son#2’s birthday soon and he has requested the Burger Flip Out set (£14.99) which I’ll be happy to buy. He has fine motor skills difficulties, and these tiny cars are great for developing his pincer grip.

From a parent’s perspective I can see a lot of thought has gone into the design of this toy:

The upper body of the cars is squishy so you can more easily grip them and pick them up. We’ve had tiny cars like this before with hard plastic bodies, but when any pressure was applied to the side the body popped off, so I was wary of these cars, but two weeks in and they’re still going strong.

The green tracks have a slightly raised line down the centre, which helps the cars run smoothly without banging from side to side or flipping over.

The bridge beside the crane flips up, so if a car gets stuck travelling underneath (mine did because of my chunky fingers) it’s easy to retrieve.

Trash Pack Collage Two

Great For:
– Imaginative Play
– Fine Motor Skills
– No Batteries
– No Sound Effects
– Small enough to take away
– Expandable play by adding other sets and cars.

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