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Posted on May 10, 2012

Trash Pack Trashies – The ‘what-the-gubbins-are-they’ Guide

Trash Pack Trashies – The ‘what-the-gubbins-are-they’ Guide

I’ve thought for a while about how to word this.

I feel bad for parents who have been relentlessly pursuing Moshlings to add to an ever expanding collection of small collectible creatures.

But, on reflection, there is no easy way to put this, so I’m just going to blurt it out fast, like ripping of a sticky plaster:

Trash Pack are a range of rubbish-dwelling collectible figures, and winners of a Best New Toy Award at Toy Fair 2012 (pocket money category).

Yes, you heard me right, ‘collectible‘.

Can I stop flinching now? Are you done with throwing things at the computer screen?

So yes, the obsession with all things small, and anything collectible is set to continue in 2012.

The Trash Pack range was only launched by Flair in the UK, earlier this year, and they are reporting that already more than 1 million Trashie figures have been sold, with anticipated sales of more than 4 million figures by the end of the year.

Currently Trash Pack is a stand alone toy range, with no online games or TV show to go with it. Personally I prefer it this way as it encourages real play, with real toys, in the real world.

I haven’t had any to review (sob, sob, yoooo-hooo is there anyone from Flair reading this?), but I did see the toys at this years Toy Fair, and I was impressed.

The playsets are well thought out, as they provide a platform to play with the Trashie figures. This range has been designed for play rather than just collection and display. Most games seem to involve launching them in the air, so stand well back when supervising play-time.

Available now:

  • 3 pack of Trashies in dissolvable bag, £5 – put the bag in water and it fizzes to reveal 3 Trashies
  • 2 trashies in a small bin, £2.50
  • 5 pack, £5 – each trashie has a bin
  • Collector’s case, £11 – can hold up to 60 figures
  • Jumbo bin, £13 – made from metal, and can store up to 18 figures in their mini-bins
  • Playsets, £10 each – Atomi Drum Ooze Chamber and the Wheelie Bin Slime Chute
  • Garbage Truck, £20 (pictured) – opens out as a playset – more info and price comparison here
  • Dunkin Dumpster, £15 – includes 2 trashies
  • Later this year, around Autumn there will be two new toys launched. Since these will be promoted on TV, it seems highly likely they will be added to Christmas wish lists.

    The Street Sweeper sucks up your Trashies and puts them in a storage bin on the back, and the Scum Drum Playset lets you fire Trashies off of little launch pads and into the drum, which spits them out of an exit chute. I don’t have estimated prices for these yet, but I will update this post when I do.

    Thanks for making it all the way to the end.

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