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Posted on May 17, 2012

InnoTab 2 – The 2012 kids tablet from VTech

InnoTab 2 – The 2012 kids tablet from VTech

If you paid out for a kids handheld gamer in the last six months, you might want to look away now.

VTech have updated their InnoTab kids learning tablet, to the InnoTab 2.


Your instant reaction may be to roll your eyes and mutter something about ‘kids today’. But kids have always wanted to emulate mum and dad by playing house or holding a toy mobile phone. Toy companies are taking this a step forward and adapting our technology to kids’ needs. Playing with electronic learning toys like this is also a great way to prepare children for the hi-tech real world.

The InnoPad2 boasts a 5-inch colour screen which displays desk-top style icons for kids to navigate their way around the toy. It can play music, videos, games, and be used as an e-reader. It even has a built-in tilt sensor for enhanced gaming.

Anyone who has had a VTech kids camera or handheld gamer before will know they are good at kid-proofing gadgets.

Here’s a promo video from VTech so you can see it in action:

Leapfrog also have a kids tablet gamer out now. Check out our LeapPad overview for more information.

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