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Posted on Jun 30, 2012

VTech Kidiminiz – New Interactive Kiddie Mini Electronic Pets

VTech Kidiminiz – New Interactive Kiddie Mini Electronic Pets

I spotted these little cuties on VTech’s UK site. They don’t seem to be widely available in the US, but you can get them from some retailers, and they’re so cute I wanted to include them on the site.

2011 Kidiminiz

In the 2011 release there were three interactive pets available – a bunny, a cat and a dog (pictured) – and each pet is available in two different color-ways to appeal to both boys and girls.

You get toy food with each pet – a carrot for the bunny, bone for the puppy and a fish for the kitten. Dangle the food in front of the pet and they will chase it around.

You can also stroke the pet, and change its facial expressions by touching the screen.

If you clap your hands you can make thetoy sing and dance, and when it meets another Kidiminiz pet they will interact by talking, singing and dancing together.

The toy also has built in mini games and an alarm clock.

To see it in action take a look at this video – it is a French commercial, as the toy was released in France earlier this year.

They are priced at $17 each on the VTech website.

2012 Rock N Roll Kidiminiz

The VTech Rock Star Kidiminiz were released in Europe earlier this year, and have been made available in the US just in time for Chistmas 2012.

You can buy a pink dummer, green pianist or an orange guitarist (pictured).

Each pet interacts with you and their instrument, and can change the expression on their face.

Also new for 2012 is a blue prince, wearing a crown, brandishing a sword and accompanied by his pet dragon.

Kidiminiz are available now from Amazon

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