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Posted on May 5, 2012

Water Play Tables For Toddlers

Water Play Tables For Toddlers

The weather is hotting up, and there is one essential toy for your garden you should be buying right now – a water play table.

Step 2 Water Wheel Play Table – we’ve got this one and we love it – very robust.

Water Table Buying Tips
* Pay attention to the height and width of the table. If it is too high, or even too wide your little on will struggle to use the central areas of the table. If you need to entertain a large number of children you may do better to have two or three smaller tables than one large one.

* The tables with the umbrellas are an excellent way of keeping your kids in the shade. But before you hand over your cash, compare the cost of buying one of these tables with buying a table and umbrella separately. A separate umbrella is more versatile allowing you to shade your kids’ splash pool, swing set, or wherever else they may be playing.

* Look for a substantial set of legs. These tables are not designed for kids to stand on but it is inevitable that at some point your kid will climb over it, or even push down with their full weight.

* Beware of cheap, flimsy play tables. They may be easy to store and move around, but there is nothing more infuriating for your toddler or preschooler than a table that keeps scooting across the floor every time their leg bumps it.

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