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Posted on Aug 3, 2012

Water Play Toys To Keep The Kids Cool

Water Play Toys To Keep The Kids Cool

I rather optimisticly put together this run down of the hottest toys to help your kids cool down this Summer.

On reflection I would say that the number one way to keep cool this Summer will be to simply live in Britain, where it seems unlikely to top 15 degrees, even in August.

But just in case the Sun does put his hat on, take a look at these solutions to a scorching day:

Little Tikes Slam n Curve, Argos, £300

Comes with a continuous air flow blower to keep it inflated.

Rock wall to climb up, slide, and generous splash area to land in.

This enormous inflatable is the stuff kids dreams are made of, and parents credit card bills dread.

Chad Valley Dash N Splash, Argos, £17

Was that last water slide a little out of your price range?

Don’t worry, this Dash N Splash slide offers hours of fun at about 5% of the cost.

Cover with water, charge at it, and slide along on included inflatables or your belly.

Aqua Force Blaster,, £20

What is this strange water-gun-type-creature?

It is a water bomb catapult.

Enough said.

Perfect grown-ups weapon for retaliating against the kids and their puny water pistols.

Smoby Niagra Falls, Amazon, £50

Essentially a train set on water.

Much more fun than floating your boats in the paddling pool.

Smaller sets are available but they aren’t much cheaper than this one, and this set rocks.

Clip the track together, fill with water, floar boats, then control their journey using the gates.

Nerf Super Soaker Lightning Storm, Toys R Us, £25

Huge, battery operated water gun.

Fully automatic so no need to stop and pump up the power.

And that huge ball thing on the front is the water reservoir so it can go ages between refills.

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