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Posted on Apr 4, 2011

Xploderz Blasters: Guide to the Orbeez shooting gun range

Xploderz Blasters: Guide to the Orbeez shooting gun range

Have you seen the TV commercial for the new water ball gun that shoots ammo you grow yourself, but can’t quite remember the name? Orbeez gun? Exploders? Nerf exploders gun that fires water balls?

You were close – what you are looking for is Xploderz. You can skip straight to the Xploderz product range for sale here.

What are Xploderz?

The Maya Group have given the humble water pistol a mighty makeover, and transformed it into a gel bullet launcher.

The Xploderz (aka Exploders) toy water ball gun fires ammo that you grow yourself from little dry pellets. These tiny balls look a lot like Orbeez, and it’s a fair bet that these guns were first thought about when some bright spark picked up an Orbeez and thought, ‘I wonder if we could shoot this out of a gun’.

So the makers of Orbeez, Maya Group, have developed the Xploderz (commonly mis-spelled as Exploderz, Exploders, Xploderz, or Xploders) range of toy guns for kids aged 8 years and over.

New Xploderz Bow for 2012

Xploderz XBow

This is the XBow, a new Xploderz gun, launched Summer 2012.

$30 buys you this cross-bow style Xploderz gun which can fire up to 75 feet, plus 1500 pieces of ammo.

X Ground Pounder Demo Video

This is from the official Xploderz YouTube channel where you can see reviews, commercials andr refill instructions.

Go to Toy Tattle’s Summer Fun Pinterest Board >>>

Stay in touch with Xploderz developments, news and competitions with their official Facebook Page.

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