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Posted on Jul 1, 2011

Xploderz – New Exploders Water Ball Gun Toy

Xploderz – New Exploders Water Ball Gun Toy

If you like the thrill of a water fight, but want to avoid getting wet, or maybe you’d like to play paintball without the mess, then check out Xploderz.

Commonly called Exploders or Xploders – the correct spelling is Xploderz. They may look like a Nerf-gun, but are made by Character Options.

This new water pistol is actually a water ball gun, that fires gel pellets you grow at home. Pour the ammo into the ammo clip, add water, and watch the ‘bullets’ swell.

The gel balls are non-toxic, and they disperse on imapct. No need to clean up after your battle, the gel will help keep the garden hydrated as it is made from the same polymer used in agriculture to absorb rain water then slowly release moisture back into the soil.

Xploderz (Exploders) water guns are available now in shops and online, from as little as £9.

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