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Posted on Apr 24, 2012

I’m in love with Zingy the EDF Energy Blob Toy

I’m in love with Zingy the EDF Energy Blob Toy

Have you seen the EDF Energy adverts, with a little orange blob toy bopping along to the rhythm of life?

His name is Zingy, and if you haven’t seen it already, here’s him swinging along to Human League’s Electric Dreams (he may be cute, but I’m not impressed by his taste in music at all).

The country has gone mad for Zingy and there’s even a petition online to get him turned into a real toy.

Those looking for an exact replica of the dancing blob of Angel Delight will be disappointed, but there is a close alternative.

Zingy came from the same brilliant minds that created My Keepon. My Keepon was originally designed as a therapeutic tool for children with autism. He responds to touch and sound, and has Beat Recognition technology.

I got one for Christmas, because I am just a big baby. He is deliciously squishy to touch, and entertaining for me and the kids. Our favourite game is putting him next to the Thomas track, and just like when Zingy is watching the Scalextric in the advert, My Keepon turns his head as the train goes past so it looks like he’s a real train spotter.

Sales for My Keepon have gone a bit crazy since his cousin found TV Fame. You can use the price tracker on the My Keepon page to find one in stock, and compare prices. And you should check out eBay too – there were a dozen on there when I checked earlier today.

This video shows a My Keepon sat in front of the TV with the Zingy ad on, so you can see the two of them together.

If you do decide to buy one, please be aware that the original price for this toy was around £45. As it is experiencing rush of popularity, this is pressing the price up, so don’t go paying lots of money for what is a £45 toy.

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