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Posted on Feb 28, 2011

Zoobles, HairDoobles, Twobles, Deelights & More

Zoobles, HairDoobles, Twobles, Deelights & More

If you’re feeling confused, don’t feel bad. You are not alone. The Zoobles collectibles range certainly comes with an unusual new language.

So Toy Tattle, as part of its mission to untangle the mysteries of the toy industry, is here to help, with Toy Tattle’s guide to Zoobles.

Age Range: Four years +

Price Range: From around $7 per Zooble, although Special Edition Zoobles are often sold for more.

Availablity: Out now and available in stores or online including at Amazon, KMart and Target.

Zoobles Terms Explained

Pronounced ‘zoo-ball’. A colorful plastic ball that when placed on a magnet, springs open to reveal a cute character.

Think ‘Bakugan for girls’, since Zoobles are made by Spin Master, the makers of Bakugan.

A single, standard Zooble should cost you around $6, and these are already widely available.

No, we haven’t forgotten to do a spell check, we really do mean Happitat and not habitat. A Happitat is the little home that comes with a Zooble. In the photo it is the pink hut with green leaves on top. It is hinged so the Happitat can be opened, and on the top it has an embedded magnet – the ‘Happitat hot spot’. Flip the Happitat open and the Zooble can be stored inside in its ball form. Then take the Zooble ball out, close the Happitat, place him on top and the Zooble with ‘spring to life’.

HairDoobles: Again, no spelling error. Despite Google repeatedly asking ‘do you mean hairdoodles’ we really do mean hairdoobles. Quite simply a HairDooble is a Zooble with hair. The Zooble pictured comes with a hair salon Happitat and grooming equipment.

Twobles: A Zoobles Twobles pack is a set of two Zoobles, who are the same size, with one large Happitat. The Happitat has Happitat hot spots (magnets) to activate two Zoobles, but only an enclosed space for one Zooble. One pack should cost you around $10, if you can find any in stock.

Triplets: The same was the Twobles packs, but with an extra full size Zooble, and the Happitat has one extra hot spot.

Dee-Lights: Zoobles that light up.

Zoobles Mama and Baby: A twin pack of Zoobles containing one full size Zooble and a mini Zooble baby. The included Happitat has a hot spot for mama, and a cradle for baby. Each mama intracts with her baby. In the model pictured the baby sits in front of mam, and when you pull a lever the baby get pushed and it rolls away. These should also cost around $10.

Zoobles are also available in multi-packs and gift sets that include storage bags or cases.

Petagonia, Seagonia, Chillville, Pinegrove, Petal Point, and Azzozia:
These are the different play lands within the world of the Zooble. Each play land has its own collection of Zoobles available. Within these collections are the single, twoble, and mama & baby packs mentioned above. There also playsets available for each land, from $19.99. These are like playgrounds for your Zoobles, where you can roll them around in the ball form and watch them spring up when they roll over a Happitat hot spot.

To make Zoobles even more collectible, Spin Master have produced Special Edition Zoobles. These are single packs of Zoobles that can light up, or are shiny, or soft to touch. These are quite rare, and should cost around $10 each.

Zoobles are interchangeable: All the Zoobles can interact with all the Happitats and playsets. The spring open action is activated with a simple magnet so all the Zoobles, playsets and Happitats are interchangeable.

Not just for girls: These are aimed at girls aged 4 years +, but young boys may find these appealing too, and some of the colors aren’t too girly. At Toy Tattle Towers we have a four year old boy deeply in love with his Ramsey rabbit Zooble.

Getting value for money:
You don’t need to buy the full set to enjoy Zoobles. 3-4 Zoobles and a playset will provide plenty of entertainment.

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